Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary by spreading the Fatima Message

A Child of Mary is a member of a select group of committed, loyal, and dependable Our Lady of Fatima supporters who renew their devotion and love for Mary every month with a small yet meaningful gift.

Their sacrifice attracts the blessings of God and advances the apostolate of South Africa Needs Our Lady by  proclaiming Our Lady’s saving message of conversion, penance, and true peace to every corner of South Africa.

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You will be remembered in the Masses offered daily for your intentions.

You will receive a beautiful large Our Lady of Fatima wall poster and an exquisite Child of Mary lapel pin crafted exclusively for monthly supporters.

Your name will be inscribed on our Child of Mary plaque and hung in a place of honour at South Africa Needs Our Lady’s headquarters.

You will receive free publications as well as Progress Reports.

True peace can only flourish when society turns away from sin and strives to practice virtue.

And if we are to continue our work to save souls in South Africa from sinking even deeper into the quicksand of vice and sin, your immediate response is vital.

Please become a Child of Mary by completing the downloadable form and either e-mailing or posting it to South Africa Needs Our Lady today!

Or by signing up online here!

Whatever amount you decide on will please Our Heavenly Mother. And your contribution can be changed at any time—no questions asked.

Just send us an email or call us.


Phone: 087 230 9884 or 087 151 4833

It will enable us to implement the many plans for spreading devotion to Our Lady throughout South Africa, and to organize hundreds of Public Square Rosary Rallies every year.

It will also assist us to keep an up-to-date online presence by sending articles, prayers and devotions on our websites and via emails.


Our Lady told Sister Lucy: “God wishes to use you for the conversion of sinners.”

Today, Our Lady’s maternal gaze pleadingly turns to you and asks, “Will you also work to save souls?”

Children of Mary resolutely say “Yes!” to this heavenly calling of great responsibility and in so doing, glorify God.

Your monthly donation will directly advance our spiritual crusade to conquer the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary, such as rosary rallies in dozens, perhaps hundreds of cities and towns, spreading of excellent spiritual works, etc.

  • Custodians Take Our Lady’s Pilgrim Virgin statue into homes and schools, along with Fatima lectures and audio-visual presentations,
  • Promote the family recitation of the Holy Rosary and the distribution of beautiful Rosaries to thousands of needy souls nationwide,
  • Maintain an office to manage the daily demands as well as a national volunteer network to oppose blasphemy against Jesus and Mary and the Catholic Faith and the avalanche of immorality and degradation afflicting our nation, and
  • Publish ads, books, newsletters, flyers, novenas and devotionals.

Call Bernadette on

087 151 4833

087 230 9884





Manual Donation via EFT / Cash Deposit

Non-Automatic Monthly Donation

via EFT or ATM cash deposit.

Make monthly payments directly into

Family Action South Africa

Bank Account

First National Bank (FNB);

Account Number:

6251 606 5209

Branch code: 250655

and use the following reference

(Name & Surname COM)

Only ATM cash deposits and Internet transfers accepted.

(Add R60 for “over the counter” deposits and cheque deposits due to bank charges)

May Our Lady reward your generosity!