Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary by spreading the Fatima Message

Get Involved

Fatima Promoter

Can you spare a few hours per week for Our Lady? Hand out flyers at your prayer group, school, workplace, parish – or even in the street. You can also distribute medals and scapulars. Or help organise a talk in your area. Join a growing team of volunteers who are bringing the Message of Fatima to others.

Public Square Rosary

Become an ambassador of Mary! Join a Public Square Rosary in the month of October. These are annual events in many South African towns. Our Lady is pleased when we pray the Rosary in the privacy of our home, or in the tranquility of our church. But praying in public witnesses to our Faith and an outreach to others. You could even organise your own Public Square Rosary!

Prayer Support Network

When you need prayers, we are here for you; when others need prayers, you are there for them. This is the Prayer Support Network – people praying for people. If you want to be part of this privileged group, tick the box and we’ll include you. If you need extra prayers in time of grief, temptation, sickness, unemployment, exams time, we’ll put out a request for extra prayers to all the network.

Mary's Rosary Makers

Are you good with your hands? Can you make rosary beads? We have great need for rosaries, both in South Africa and for other African countries. ‘To work is to pray’, so your hands will be creating crowns of roses for Our Lady. We can supply you with raw materials, like beads, centre-pieces, crucifixes.

Youth Rosary Alliance

Do you know young people who want to learn to pray the Rosary? Today’s youth are often searching for meaning in their lives and want to grow in love of God. What better way to help them than by teaching them to pray the Rosary!