Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary by spreading the Fatima Message

First, go to Mass. It can prepare us to celebrate the feasts that follow as originally intended. Remember Halloween was originally a cycle of holy days that went from the eve of All Saints Day to All Souls Day.

Second is to pray to all the saints and martyrs.  Saints and martyrs are the natural role models of the Church. Our struggle to attain the salvation of our souls is helped by admiring the saints who came before us. Imitating a great athlete from the past is an excellent way to become an athlete. To obtain holiness, we need to imitate the blessed that came before us.

Third is to encourage devotion to patron saints in children. The act of admiring saints has to be restored and become part of our culture. It needs to start with children since they have a natural inclination to admire people that surround them. It is especially during this period that they need to acquire the habit of looking up to saints for inspiration. If they need to dress up in a costume, encourage them to dress up as a Catholic saint or hero.

Fourth is to pray for deceased family members. In conjunction with paying respect to all the saints, the feast day following All Saints Day is All Souls Day. It is understood that the faithful who have attained salvation, but remain unworthy to behold the face of God, are suffering in the fires of purgatory. We may have family members who are still suffering in Purgatory. We should pray for them throughout the year. It is on this day that the Church reminds and encourages us to have them present in our thoughts and concerns.

Fifth is to pray for all the souls in Purgatory. There are suffering souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them. Their family line may have ended or family members may have forgotten about them. Their descendants may no longer practice the faith. Whatever the case may be, there are always suffering souls in need of prayers.

Three good practices include sprinkling holy water on the grave for the benefit of suffering souls, making a sign of the cross and a short prayer whenever passing by a cemetery, and praying the following prayer daily: “Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. And let the perpetual light shine upon them. And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.”

Sixth is to decorate homes with items associated with the saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ or things of God in general. Avoid or throw away horrendous Halloween decorations that are associated with the devil or evil things, since they are toxic for the soul.

Halloween was intended to be celebrated as a Catholic feast day. It can once again be restored to its roots but, as with all movements of conversion, it needs two necessary initial steps. We need to burn what we have adored and adore what we have burned.