13 MAY 2020



Thank you so much for the prepared Rosary program. My Daughter and I have been doing the Novena as well every morning and it’s was very special to us to close tonight with this prayer program. 

For sure our Families, our country and the world right now needs the intercession of our Mother Mary. These are truly trying times but we offer all back to God to solve for us through our Mother Mary. She did promise us she will assist us with anything we ask through her. 

Again, thank you for organising this for us. I have two of my friends who also joined me with there families in their homes. I will surely attach any pics I have received this far. 

May God bless you and the work you do to Glorify His name. 

Warmest regards


Good evening

This is the picture of our Shrine, just before we start praying together with Radio Veritas as always. 



Attached is our family pic praying the rosary on our balcony.

Please pray for all my children who haven’t got jobs and for the covid 19 to end.

Thanks Bernadette I’ve just finished praying using the program I’ll share it with others


Feedback on how a group of us celebrated the Feast of our Lady of Fatima.

We formed a WhatsApp group and had 35 participants. We allocated mystery of the rosary for each hour on the day asking those in the Group to volunteer to pray the rosary for that hour.

Our programme started at midnight with an opening prayer by Father J P M and those volunteered for the rosary prayer at the hour started with the joyful mysteries.

At the end of the day we had 35 people praying the rosary every hour hence we call it a Rosary Relay, and the baton for the relay was passed on by a simple salutation of our lady of Fatima, pray for us at the end of each hour.

Over 50 rosaries we prayed on the day as some of the volunteers prayed all mysteries of the rosary.

Regina Coeli prayer was shared in the Group as well at Midnight, 06:00, midday and 18:00.

The last mystery of the day was luminous mystery from 23:00 to 00:00 and the day was closed with a prayer and final blessing by Father Z M.

Forthcoming Events:

22-30 May we will pray the Pentecost Novena

25 May Pray for Africa in a Marian way

29-31 May Rosary Relay to close off the Rosary month.


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