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The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

Commonly prayed on Mondays and Thursdays, and on Sundays in Advent.

The First Joyful Mystery – THE ANNUNCIATION

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord.”
Luke 1:38

In this mystery we contemplate the Virgin Mary being greeted by the angel, who announces that She is to conceive and give birth to Christ, our Redeemer.

Let us ask the Virgin of virgins, by the holy joy that filled Her Immaculate Heart, to drive from our souls the discouragement and harmful sadness caused by the difficulties of daily life in this our neo-pagan world.

Our Father: God’s immense charity.

Hail Mary:

  1. The unfortunate state of disobedient Adam, his just condemnation, and that of all his children.
  2. The desires of the Patriarchs and Prophets who asked for the Messiah.
  3. The wishes and prayers of the Most Holy Virgin, which hastened the coming of the Messiah, and Her marriage to Saint Joseph.
  4. The charity of the Eternal Father, Who gave us His Son.
  5. The love of the Son, Who gave Himself for us.
  6. The Archangel Gabriel’s mission and salutation.
  7. Mary’s virginal fear.
  8. The Most Holy Virgin’s faith and consent.
  9. The creation of the soul and the formation of the body of Jesus Christ in the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit.
  10. The angels’ adoration of the Incarnate Word in the womb of Mary.

The Second Joyful Mystery – THE VISITATION

“Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.”
Luke 1:42

In this mystery we contemplate the Mother of the Creator going to visit Her cousin Saint Elizabeth, whose son, John the Baptist, trembled with joy in the womb upon hearing the voice of Mary.

Let us ask the Mother of Good Counsel that we too may tremble with joy and devotion when the call of grace makes itself heard in the interior of our souls.

Our Father: God’s adorable majesty.

Hail Mary:

  1. The joy of the Heart of Mary, and the dwelling of the Incarnate Word in her womb for nine months.
  2. The sacrifice Jesus Christ made of Himself to the Father on entering this world.
  3. The delights of Jesus in the humble and virginal womb of Mary, and those of Mary in the possession of her God.
  4. Saint Joseph’s doubt concerning Mary’s maternity.
  5. The election of the chosen ones, decided between Jesus and Mary in her womb.
  6. The fervour of Mary in her visit to Saint Elizabeth.
  7. The salutation of Mary and the sanctification of Saint John the Baptist and his mother, Saint Elizabeth.
  8. The Most Holy Virgin’s gratitude toward God in the Magnificat.
  9. Her charity and humility in serving her cousin.
  10. The mutual dependence of Jesus and Mary and the dependence we should have on each of them.

The Third Joyful Mystery – THE NATIVITY

“For this day is born to you a Saviour, Who is Christ the Lord.”
Luke 2:11

In this mystery we contemplate Our God, born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, and laid in a manger because there was no room in the inn.

Let us ask Jesus, Mary and Joseph to give us the piety, serenity and fortitude that emanate from the holy grotto of Bethlehem.

Our Father: God’s inexhaustible riches.

Hail Mary:

  1. The scorn and rejection Mary and Joseph endured in Bethlehem.
  2. The poverty of the stable where in God came to the world.
  3. Mary’s high contemplation and surpassing love at the moment of Our Lord’s birth.
  4. The Eternal Word’s departure from the womb of Mary while maintaining her virginity.
  5. The angels’ adoration and hymnody at the birth of Jesus Christ.
  6. The captivating beauty of His divine infancy.
  7. The coming of the shepherds to the stable with their small presents.
  8. The circumcision of Jesus Christ, and His affectionate pains.
  9. The imposition of the Name of Jesus, and its grandeur.
  10. The adoration of the Magi Kings, and their gifts.

The Fourth Joyful Mystery – THE PRESENTATION

“And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that out of many hears, thoughts may be revealed.”
Luke 2:35

In this mystery we contemplate the Virgin Mary carrying her Son to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord in accordance with the Law of Moses. In the Temple, she meets the old Simeon, who takes the Christ Child in his arms and prophesies that He will be the light to the gentiles, the glory of Israel, the rock of scandal for the perdition and salvation of many.

Let us ask the Most Holy Virgin for a fearless soul ablaze with love for Holy Mother Church, so that we also may be a light to our brethren and, if need be, a rock of scandal to our social circles.

Our Father: God’s eternal wisdom.

Hail Mary:

  1. Jesus and Mary’s obedience to the Law.
  2. Jesus’ sacrifice of His humanity in the Temple.
  3. Mary’s sacrifice of her honour.
  4. The joy and praise of Simeon and Anna the Prophetess.
  5. The ransom of Jesus by the offering of two turtle doves.
  6. The slaughter of the Holy Innocents by Herod in his cruelty.
  7. The flight of Jesus into Egypt through Saint Joseph’s obedience to the voice of the angel.
  8. His mysterious stay in Egypt.
  9. His return to Nazareth.
  10. His growth in age and wisdom.

The Fifth Joyful Mystery – THE FINDING IN THE TEMPLE

“Son, why hast Thou done so to us?”
Luke 2:48

In this mystery we contemplate how the Virgin Mary, having lost her Son, found Him in the Temple after three days of wearisome search, listening to the Doctors of the Law and asking them questions.

Let us ask Mary Most Holy, by the merits of the anguish she suffered during her searching, to grant us an ever-increasing fidelity to the Church amidst the multiple perplexities that a faithful Catholic must undergo in our days.

Our Father: God’s unfathomable sanctity.

Hail Mary:

  1. Our Lord’s hidden, laborious and obedient life in the house of Nazareth.
  2. His preaching and finding in the Temple among the doctors.
  3. His baptism by Saint John the Baptist.
  4. His fasting and temptations in the desert.
  5. His admirable preaching.
  6. His astonishing miracles.
  7. The selection of His twelve Apostles and the powers He gave them.
  8. His marvellous transfiguration.
  9. The washing of His Apostles’ feet.
  10. The institution of the Holy Eucharist.