Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary by spreading the Fatima Message


 This year South Africa marks the 25th “anniversary” of the passing of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act – euphemistic language for legalising the killing of the unborn…

Abortion always stops a beating heart!

An anniversary which certainly demands mourning and reparation more than anything else, as this ignominious law majorly degraded the sanctity of human life, resulting in approximately 100 000 pre-born deaths annually.

There can be no lasting peace in a country where the laws of God Almighty are so flouted and the most basic of human rights – “The Right to Life,” is made irrelevant from the very beginning…!

The culture of death is on the march all over the globe with ever more liberalization of abortion laws assuming the full might of law. Many countries have now adopted the most radical measures by which “inconvenient” unborn babies can simply be eliminated – all the way till nine-month gestation. It is a horrendous and catastrophic assault on the weakest and most defenceless, with unimaginable and unforeseen consequences!

 Sharing an infamous anniversary this year is India, having 50 years ago promulgated abortion legislation which reputedly results in 16 million abortions per year! Can we even begin to get a handle on what kind of offence this presents to God Almighty?

Amidst the gloom and general impotence of how and what to do in order to arouse horror at the extent of this crisis as well as taking concrete actions to roll back this diabolical scourge, the Catholic Bishops of India have put forward some bold proposals. As these are imaginative and inspiring, we make them our own and encourage all those in South Africa dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable, to heed and try to emulate…     

According to LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, President of the Catholic Bishops of India firstly invited the country’s Bishops to observe the anniversary date as a day of mourning, “so that the Indian Church can “express our sorrow at the killing” of pre-born babies through various means, and promote the Culture of Life in our society.”

In a circular letter bemoaning the tragic situation of abortion in India, the Cardinal notes that “millions of abortions have taken place in our country after that legislation and there is no sign of slowing down of this anti-life trend.”

To awaken consciousness and arouse opposition to this catastrophe, the Cardinal proposes some suggestions which could accompany and mark this day of mourning, including:

  • A campaign of prayer and reparation for the decades of innocent bloodshed.
  • Holy Mass to be offered in very parish on August 10, 2021, in memory of the pre-born babies killed to make reparation for the sin of abortion.
  • The ringing of funeral bells in our churches for 1-2 minutes on that day.
  • A homily to be preached in all our churches on Pro-life on a Sunday close to August 10, 2021.
  • Organizing Pro-Life formation programs.
  • Presenting Pro-Life programs on Catholic media channels.
  • Observing “Mercy Hour” in all parishes. religious houses, seminaries and Catholic institutions on or around August 10, 2021.

Taking an excellent position behind which the Faithful can rally, Family Commission Chairman, Archbishop Sebastian Kallupura of Patna, urged a commitment to pursuing legislative and constitutional changes that will prohibit and restrict the terrible practice. He also stated that “Catholic educational institutions must “help the young generation to form their conscience” and affirmed the necessity “to promote life “right from its beginning ‘till it returns to its Author.’”

LifeSite also heard from moral theologian Fr. Dr. Scaria Kanniyakonil, Rector of St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary, in of Kerala, “that in the last few years the changes in legislation or verdicts regarding abortion, homosexuality, adultery, euthanasia etc. are not promoting the culture of life in India. He added that the seminary has an active pro-life ministry and has planned to commemorate August 10 as a “Day for protection of Life” beginning with the Holy Mass for the reparation of the sin of abortion and formation sessions for seminarians.”

Unless, such imaginative initiatives are taken to heart, with an urgent appeal to the nation to face evil of abortion and change direction, we will simply be faced with increasing hand-wringing and resignation…