Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary by spreading the Fatima Message

What People Say...

I have been very remiss in never getting down to write a message of thanks to you for the gift of the Fatima Rosary a few months back. I opened the envelope and had tears in my eyes, because I could only say: On her centennial celebration Our Lady has given me the inestimable gift of a Rosary, through the kind thoughts and services of South Africa needs Our Lady. Thank you, thank you, more than words can express for carrying out the bidding of Our Lady to send the Fatima Rosary to me. It is now the Rosary which is always in my pocket—where a Rosary has always been for… many, many years. I am now 78 years old, soon to be 79, and probably since I was still at school, I started carrying a Rosary with me. That might be something like 63 years or more (if I started this at age 15). What a blessing, to have Our Lady’s Rosary always with me, for it can only be She who inspired me to carry her Rosary like this. Fr. B.J.R.

I want to congratulate you on the beautiful pamphlet you produced on Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Thank you also for the attachments including the scapular. As you already know I always wear Our Blessed Mother’s Mantle of Love and Protection. She has protected me many a time from danger especially when I’m driving on the road. The Mother does indeed care for her children. 

May Our Blessed Mother and Her Son, Jesus our Redeemer, bless all that you and your family do to help Catholics in South Africa see the need for Our Lady’s Help for South Africa.

For now, blessings and peace upon you all “down under” in the Karoo!

I take this opportunity say thank for my inspirational Rosary meditation book, its a marvelous book. First of all I was taken by pictures outside the cover. And inside it awaken my faith; its like a first time for me praying the Rosary, so deep. I feel like I was the with Jesus and Mary. Thanks again and may God bless you abundantly for giving yourself and time to work for his Kingdom. Your Sr in Jesus and Mary. Sr Z.T.

Dear Bernard,

Thank you for email. I have got a calendar thank you. I ordered it way back . It is a beautiful one and I hope Our Lady will bring many graces and blessings to South Africa. God bless and keep up the good work. Our Lady must be very pleased with you.  Sr B

Thank you for the great message on our blessed Mother’s ideal virtual womanhood. This was really great for Women’s day. A touching story Rachel’s tears… Ms M.

I have to thank you for the beautiful books you have sent me during the year, I have been receiving them and all are so special to me.

This is a treasure to keep for all times, you really go to a lot of effort.

God bless and may the Jesus continue to bless you for the wonderful work you do.

Thank you for encouraging me to start this devotion of the first five Saturdays. I personally think this is a merciful gift of Our Lady to those who decide to give just a little of their own time to console her Immaculate Heart. But let me add this: The enemy knows about this and is ready to trap you with every possible excuse to interrupt your cycle of the five consecutive Saturdays. It happened to in several occasions before (that I never completed one of them – but this time I pray to Our Lady to help me, and I will). Many blessings of Our Lady to you. D.D.

Thanks again for affording me the privilege of hosting the “Our Lady of Fatima” prayer meeting last evening and the pleasure of meeting your gracious dad and humble brother. For a while heaven smiled, the angels rejoiced, earth was happy and I was overjoyed. Please, to you all,  continue your sterling work bringing the world to true devotion to our Blessed Mother. De Maria num quam satis. God bless. P. W.

Peace be with you all. Thank you to Bernard & his son who visited our home last night with the statue of Our lady of Fatima. Glory to God for the wonderful work you guys are doing. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the informative, enlightening & spiritual presentation & interaction. Q & F.M.

I would like to thank, on behalf of the group that participated in 2016 Rosary Rally Crusade what you did to us which really came as a surprise.It was humbling to appear in the front cover of the Newsletter. The whole group was so excited including our Parish priest who gave us a blessing to do it. We really do not know how to thank you. We thank for the beautiful Centenary Fatima Rosaries, also didn’t expect them, we are all excited. I would also like to thank all the spiritual gifts that I have received from you, the book of Confidence came at the right time. I am grateful. Your kindness, generosity, patience and dedication is amazing. We can’t wait to participate this year, the banner is still in good condition. Thank you so much for everything. Keep up the good work. N. N.

A huge THANK YOU for the gift of the poster of Our Lady of Fatima and the most beautiful Child of Mary pin – I was delighted to receive  it and consider it a treasure. Our Rosary Rally at Central Square, Pinelands was a most wonderful occasion and  I look forward to the 14th October 2017. Thank you also for the reminders of 1st Saturday devotions each month – these Saturdays are very special to me and I am sure that is will be an on going joy. May God Bless you in every way, Your friend in love with Jesus and Mary. A. W. 

It truly was a blessing to me, my family and friends to have you, Dominic and Our Holy Mother visit our homes, a humbling occasion to host a heavenly Queen. We may not see her real presence with our naked eyes but we know she truly is there with us. The many graces we received from her and blessings received through her, we can never thank you enough…Thank you for well wishes and prayers for May 13,  I pray for the success of our little plan everyday. I have since learnt that anything we do for our Triune God or Holy Mother can never go without resistance. We can only do so much in our human capacity and I always entrust the rest to her Immaculate Heart. My prayer is for her to do what we can’t do, move the hearts of the faithful to come and commemorate this special day with her and the heavens. T. M.

 Thank you so much for your mail…
My little testimony of Our Lady of Sorrows… without my knowing that The Dolor rosary is prayed on the Friday before Palm Sunday. Last week the 1st of April and it being 1st Friday I decided that I would pray the Dolor rosary after the Stations of the Cross and mass at the parish.  However, I just did not get around to praying and all week I just did not get to pray this particular prayer. I prayed all of the regular prayers e.g. mass, rosary, Angelus, Divine Mercy, etc. On Friday past the day for praying The Dolor rosary, there was a day of prayer for the Zuma must fall, I had decided to pray instead of March.  Unbeknownst to me Our Lady  called me to come and pray.  Fr Craig at Mater Dei parish arranged for Exposition and Prayers. All ready to partake I arrive and can’t find my Rosary, I unpacked my bag could not find my purse with my.Rosary and low and behold what do I find, my Dolor Rosary. Our Lady called me to her self for me to pray The Seven Sorrows of Mary and I Thank Her for her intercession.Thank you Mother for your Love. C.L.

It’s so encouraging to be always receiving the updates from the child of God! This Sunday during our catechism class I had planned to teach my class how to say the Rosary. I’m proud and Happy to tell you that my class was extremely happy as I realized that most of them were not conversant with it. This is all in the preparation of the centenary celebration of The Marian Apparitions. Stay Blessed. P.T.

Thank you and your family for all you are doing.   I had a very devout Mother who was born in 1896.  We lived in Salem in the Eastern Cape and were the only catholic family in a very Methodist 1820 Settler community,  Grahamstown being our nearest town about 45 ks away.  As a young woman my Mother was very aware of the apparitions in 1917, her great devotion to Our Lady and the rosary stayed with her throughout her difficult life , empowering her with serenity, gentleness and she was the most loving Mother us 8 children could have asked for.
You and your family are doing something very wonderful by spreading this devotion to Our Lady who I believe will save us and our broken country. Testimony of your protection was evident in that horrific fire, there are no coincidences, this was another miracle and will spur us on to be faithful intercessors for Our Lady of Fatima, help in healing us, our families and our beloved country. Sincerely, M. & N. M.

Thank you, Mr. Tuffin. I admire your determination, courage, and zeal in preparing that honourable day in Grahamstown. Well done to all of you who went there.

God and our Holy Mother will bless you. I wish we had one protest action in Durban. Not that far from where I stay is the infamous Marie Stopes clinic….that makes me shudder when I go past it. I believe that even if there was only one man with a very visible poster, asking people to hoot as you did, that would be worthwhile. Food for thought… P.R.M

Thank you for the email below and its informative contents; including the report on the trip to Rhodes University as well as information on the 10 reasons why abortion is evil.

Congratulations for your anti-abortion campaign at Rhodes University.

May the Almighty God through the intercession of Our Lady Bless all at Family Action South Africa members for having spearheaded and driven the said campaign up to the finishing line.

May the Grace of Our Lord be upon all those who participated and those who supported through hooting and otherwise. T.R.

Thank you so very much to you for sharing a very blessed evening with all of us in Strandfontein in the presence of Our Dearest Mother. I still have goosebumps just thinking of that wonderful evening.

Morning Fellow Christians in Christ,

It was such a great excitement to receive another newsletter from your office.

Wow, what a great joy in my heart knowing I am protected by Our Mother Mary where ever I am.

Indeed I have received the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

It is such a pleasure to speak to you. So many people, even Catholics, are mediocre concerning Mary. It is just so frustrating and disappointing. But God will have His way. These people will wake up the hard way, sometime, hopefully soon.

Your family is absolutely unique, in what you are achieving. It is just what this country needs.

I will continue to do my best concerning the first Saturdays.

We  really enjoyed the evening prayer and pilgrim statue of our Lady of Fatima at D F’s house last night.

It was a graced filled evening and we spend precious  time praying at the statue. It helps us to increase our prayers.

It was a  great pleasure to meet Mr Bernard and his daughter. Good to see the person who is doing all the hard work for Our Lady.  

May you and your family be protected wherever you go. May you travel safely.

 I’m happy to say that we had our Rosary prayers on this day in front of Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Pretoria again. We found the clinic, closed and shutters down on that day when they are busiest the most.  It would appear we’re making inroads and we had more people join us this time, including men.

We share prayers and a 9-month prayer to pray or an unborn child.  My prayer is that we touch more hearts of men and women contemplating and advocating abortion and that we do not push them back to the backroom abortions.  My greatest prayer is that we also touch those women and old women who do backkroom abortions, for the Holy spirit to stop them in their tracks.



unfortunately i have still not received the acred heart booklets, bur i did share the Seven Sorrows of Our lady prayer card with the prayer warriors to continue praying for unborn babies and our country.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support and  a blessed festive season to the team at SANOL.


Dear Bernard Tuffin

It is with ‘joy’ that I read your letter to ‘Joy’ magazine. Thank you for witnessing to Our Lady’s Honour and giving her the respect due to her and her Son. 

May God Bless you and our Lady assist you. 



Peace be with you Bernard 

Thank you for inviting me to join in praying the Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel which I gladly and humbly accept.

I have not  received the Scapular and the booklet you mentioned in your previous e-mail yet and I’ll be delighted to receive it. You are so wonderful. May you be abundantly blessed for the missionary work you and Bernadette are doing to help us  know God more, serve Him more and bring salvation to all people and put God first in our lives. Ours is to spread the word two by two as Jesus did in today’s Gospel.Thank you so much.

Thanks  again in advance

Yours in Christ


Dear brother Bernard

I believe that it greatly pleased Our Lord when you wrote the letter in the Joy magazine in “defence” of His mother and Our Lady. Stay blessed.

Hi Mr Tuffin,

I received the message send about the month of June.

Please be advised that some of us who believe that Jesus Christ’s heart was bruised because of us, we really dedicated our prayers to him this month.

We started prayers at church on daily basis from 1st June to today ending by celebrating this day of Priests praying for them all over the world.

We are proud of Our Lord. Nothing will stop us from honouring him.

Lets keep the fire burning.

Thank you



Greetings in the Name of Jesus. Trust all is well by the Grace of God for the entire team.

Thank you for the Card of S A Needs Our LADY and the lovely prayer behind the card. Much appreciated.

My husband will use  and I will use it when I go out into the informal settlement to pray with people.

Once again thank you.

I really do use most of all the material I get from S A Needs Our Lady.

Thanking you God’s Blessings be upon you and Team.

I am writing this email to say thanks and for the beautiful calendar I received through mail and to my surprise a thoughtful lovely Mother Mary Booklet that I read each night.

I appreciate your prayers and for the incredible work you put out there for Our Lord day in and day out.

You are a God sender to me and my family. 

Sacred Heart Devotion means to work in the spirit of God and the Holy Spirit knows the needs of the times and the remedies for the times. 

Thank you for the time well spent.

First of all I would like to thank your team for the sterling and fervent work which you have done in spreading the message of Our Lady of Fatima in SA, over the past few years. Through your efforts my families devotion and faith to her message has been reaffirmed and increased. May you and your endeavours be blessed.