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St Michael is the warrior of God who will not tolerate the divine Majesty to be challenged or offended in his presence, and who is ready to wield the sword at any time in order to crush the enemies of the Most High.

He is the model of the Christian warrior because of the fortitude he showed in taking on Lucifer and his legions, defeating them and casting the whole wicked lot into hell.

He teaches us that it is not enough for a Catholic to behave well: it is also his duty to fight evil. And not just an abstract evil, but evil as it concretely manifests today in every walk of life…

For St. Michael did not cast evil into hell as a “principle” or some sort of “conception” of the intellect. Indeed, principles and concepts are not able to be consumed by eternal fire!

It was a reality – Lucifer and his minions – that the Champion of the Almighty cast into hell, because he loved God and His prerogatives – and hated the evil which the rebellious angels embraced.

We live at a time of profound religious liberalism and indifferentism. Few Christians have any inkling that they belong to a Church militant, as militant on earth as St. Michael and the faithful Angels were militant in heaven.

We also should know how to combat and crush the insolence of wickedness wherever it raises its head.  We too must know the adversary and tenaciously counter its advance.

In this struggle, St. Michael should not just be our model, but also our vital assistant. The fight between St. Michael and Lucifer has not ceased but continues throughout the ages.

He helps all Christians in the battles they wage against the powers of darkness.

St Michael, Pray for us!


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