Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary by spreading the Fatima Message


 October 2020

Number of Rosaries Pledged

Number of Rosaries pledged

Thank you for opportunity.

Me and my Son prayed the all 4 mysteries.

To add on to the pledge number.

We grateful for MOTHER Mary prays for us and interceding for us and the whole world.


God Bless.

I’m blessed to have access to the daily mass broadcast from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel in Irondale,Alabama,USA.

Today I was especially blessed after mass to share in the Worldwide Children’s Holy Hour during which we prayed The World Mission Rosary especially for priests and families in all the continents. 

Tribute was also made to Our Lady and the three shepherd children at Fatima. 

The Angel Prayer, The Pardon Prayer and The Eucharist Prayer was also prayed.

Present in the chapel were families of descend from each of the continents. 

I was especially moved during the third decade at the thought of so much suffering amongst families throughout the world. May our Mother Mary intercede for relief of our suffering and an increase in our love and compassion for others.

May Our Lady bless your efforts in spreading Her love for us.

Yours in Christ Jesus and Mother Mary 

Peace be with you Bernadette 

Thank you for the invitation and the work you do.

The Public Prayers was truly a blessed event this year as felt by all, despite the unclear opposition from our Priest.  Sadly the Pandemic has affected many with a lethargic or fearful spirit.  The numbers decreased to 40 and nonetheless devoted prayer warriors – 1/3rd of the members being youth. 

United Hearts of Jesus and Mary   

Always in Christ 

Good day guys.

Had an awesome prayer in the square on Saturday the 10th. Had 13 people at the prayer meeting. We were blessed with the best weather ever, in all the years that we have been doing the Prayer in the square meets.

We camped out on our very busy intersection, William-Nichol drive corner Ontdekkers in Florida Park Roodepoort.

Thanks for all that you and the team do for us and our Blessed Lady. Stay safe and blessed.

Kind regards

Dear Bernard

Today we had a successful Public Rosary Prayer at 12:00, attended by 33 faithful in the park area outside Our Lady of Vailankanni Catholic Church, representing the Chatsworth Catholic Parish.  Although, it was windy and cold, many braved the weather to join in prayer, with the other Rosary Rallies countrywide.

Thank you for all that you and your team continue to do, bringing people into a closer relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through the devotion and intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Take care and God bless